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About Us

GridKor is a global leading mergers & acquisitions company aiming to build an ever-expanding portfolio of businesses, real estate, & other cash flowing assets.

We are a collaborative partnership between two Pittsburgh-based companies: GridSwitch & KorDev.

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Our Story

After developing a marketing relationship in 2021, GridSwitch & KorDev realized that a merging partnership could open different avenues to utilize their respected skillsets.

KorDev is a tech-based company founded by CEO Michael Bryant offering services from Digital Marketing to general Web Development. More information regarding KorDev and their services can be found on their website.

GridSwitch is an energy company founded by brothers Matt & Paul Tobin specializing in microgrid creation and renewable energy solutions for businesses spending over $1 million per year on energy costs. More information regarding GridSwitch can be found on their website.

With both teams being so diverse in skill, yet so fluent in goals and mindsets, GridKor was the perfect solution to achieving maximum potential. 

Meet the Team

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