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GridKor acquires The Perfect V, an intimate skin care company

November 9th, 2022

On November 7th, GridKor officially put a new company under its umbrella of acquisitions: The Perfect V.

The Perfect V is an intimate skin care company for women, ensuring that the grooming process is one of confidence, comfort, and beauty. In their own words:

"The Perfect V™ was both inspired by and embraces the Scandinavian woman’s lifestyle. Scandinavian women feel comfortable, carefree and confident in their skin, whatever their age or shape and are at ease with themselves—a very alluring trait. It’s in their DNA, integral to the Scandinavian love of all things natural & simple and makes for a more liberated and beautiful, lifestyle."

TPV also boasts their VV Gentle Promise, guaranteeing all products to be cruelty-free, clean, and dermatologist and gynecologist vetted with no parabens, alcohol, or sulfates. The Perfect V offers no harm to the skin's protective barrier and no alterations in pH balance.

The company offers diversity to the growing GridKor portfolio, and puts Chief Marketing Officer Josh Clingensmith and team in a place to showcase their skills in the ecommerce space. "We're really excited to grow a brand that has such a high ceiling of potential. This brand strikes a creative chord for us and we're very confident in our ability to turn this into an 8 figure company", Clingensmith said.

The Perfect V was founded by now-partner Avonda Urben, who will remain on the board to help guide the direction of the business she knows so well. The GridKor team is excited to be able to utilize her vast expertise in the health and beauty field.

Besides a market shattering lineup of incredible products, The Perfect V also opens the door to licensing opportunities for the highly sought after "VV Cream". GridKor plans to pitch these licensing opportunities to all of the largest health and beauty brands and attempt partnerships in that regard.

The Perfect V is the owner of the VANICURE, the only known skin care treatment for the V area.

As of right now, The Perfect V products are available on their website, Macy's, Amazon, Anthropologie, Revolve, and a few other online retailers. Products are also available in some spas across the globe.

The acquisition was made for an undisclosed price. Future revenue numbers will be released when applicable.

Welcome to the team, The Perfect V!

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