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GridKor set to acquire Chicago-based 100 semi-truck company, bringing in $50m in annual revenue

Updated: Mar 29

At GridKor Inc., we've began make headway on our second acquisition under GridKor Trucking & Logistics.

On January 11th, a contract was executed that that will give GridKor Trucking & Logistics controlling stake in an undisclosed trucking and logistics company based in Chicago, Illinois.

This company consists of 100 active semi-trucks, routes, and drivers. This contract, which will transfer ownership over to GridKor Trucking & Logistics, is set to be finalized in the first half of February.

Specific details of the acquisition's purchase price or contract structure won't be released at this time. However, it is noted that this acquisition will yield GridKor Inc. another $50 million in annual revenue, totaling $70 million between our first two acquisitions in the trucking and logistics industry.

"Our first trucking & logistics acquisition back in December was a crucial stepping stone for our company. It always feels good to get the first one under your belt. With that being said, we are full steam ahead to continue towards our goal of acquiring 1000 trucks trucks in the next three years. We plan to scale strategically and efficiently, and this Chicago-based company is one we're sure will fit perfectly into our portfolio next."

-Michael Bryant President of GridKor

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